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Security evaluation of your organization. 

Security Planning

Walk-through to  most optimal posture. 

Threat Model

Professional mitigation of threats. 

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Security Evaluation Consultancy

Step into our Security Evaluation Consultancy, where we meticulously assess your organization's cybersecurity posture using standard methodologies to rate your security from 1 to 100. Our expert evaluation provides a clear, quantifiable understanding of where you stand in terms of cybersecurity, identifying strengths and uncovering areas for improvement. This initial assessment lays the groundwork for a robust security strategy.

Security Planning and Strategy

Building on our comprehensive evaluation, the Security Planning Consultancy service focuses on developing a tailored security plan for your organization. Based on the insights gained from the security evaluation, we craft a strategic plan that addresses identified vulnerabilities and strengthens your defense against cyber threats. This customized security roadmap is designed to elevate your security score and fortify your resilience against cyber risks.

Vulnerability Mitigation and Threat Modeling Consultancy

In our Vulnerability Mitigation and Threat Modeling service, we delve deeper into addressing specific security weaknesses and preparing your organization against potential threats. This phase involves hands-on sessions and consultancy on mitigating vulnerabilities, developing threat models, and implementing best practices to safeguard against emerging cyber threats. Our focus here is to ensure your organization not only understands its vulnerabilities but is also well-prepared to defend against them