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Our Approach

Navigate the complexities of  compliance with ease through our customized Security Policy Development service. We specialize in crafting a suite of 16 tailored security documents, each designed to align with your unique business needs. Our service ensures that your organization is fortified with robust policies that cover all aspects of information security.

  • Policy Assessment and Customization

    Begin with our thorough assessment process, where we evaluate your current policies against SOC2 standards. This initial step allows us to identify gaps and areas for enhancement. Following the assessment, we embark on a customization journey, adapting each of the 16 key security policies to fit the specific contours of your business. Our approach ensures that every policy is relevant, effective, and fully compliant with SOC2 requirements.

  • Comprehensive Policy Suite

    Our Comprehensive Policy Suite covers all areas mandated by SOC2, including risk management, incident response, data protection, and more. Each document is crafted by our experts to provide clear guidelines and procedures, ensuring your team understands and can effectively implement these policies. The suite ensures a holistic approach to security, addressing both technical and administrative controls required for a robust security posture.

  • External Audit and Policy Alignment

    To ensure enduring effectiveness and compliance, our services extend to conducting external audits for ongoing policy alignment. These audits are crucial for periodically assessing the adherence of your security policies to current industry standards and best practices. By identifying areas of improvement and evolving threats, we help your organization maintain a robust and forward-looking security posture. Our external audit process not only verifies the implementation of the 'Security by Design' principles but also provides actionable insights for continuous improvement and alignment with the latest cybersecurity trends and regulations.

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Essential Security Policy Portfolio

Together, Building a Secure Future

Embarking on this journey with Cyber Morfosis means you're not just implementing policies; you're building a stronger, more resilient business. We're excited to be part of this crucial step in your growth and look forward to a lasting and productive partnership.

Information Security Management

Users access Control

Asset Management

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Code of Conduct

Cryptography Policy

Data Management

Human Resource Management

Incident Response Plan

Standard Frameworks (ISO27001, GDPR, Law)

IS Roles and Responsibilities

Operations Security

Physical Security Policy

Risk Management

Secure Software Development

Third-Party Management

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