Our story

Cyber Morfosis has started from the spark of its two co-founders. We first crossed at the University of Tirana; between a passionate lecturer and a standout student. Beyond academic excellence, we discovered a kinship in personality and drive. After graduation, together we embarked on a journey of research, projects, and paper writing, seamlessly transitioning from mentorship to professional partnership.

In 2018, we took our collaboration a step further with IT-Morfosis, a startup dedicated mainly to blockchain technology, where we developed an innovative prototype, participated in different projects, and showcased our solutions. Later, our endeavor grew into a business, undertaking various IT projects and establishing ourselves in the field. However, the advent of COVID-19 in 2020 forced us, like many others, to adapt to new circumstances, leading both of them to pursue opportunities in important industries worldwide, always within the Information Security area.

After a period of separation, a network notification reconnected us. This rekindling of professional relationship was almost instantaneous. Energized by our reunion, and the extreme needs that the country was facing, considering also the lack of professional voices, we took it as a mission and swiftly laid the groundwork for this new venture. In just a few months, Cyber Morfosis was up and running successfully. Our journey from the university halls to the entrepreneurial forefront is a testament to our shared vision and unwavering partnership.