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Companies, Certificates, and Regulations: which one to choose

Many companies rightly ask us about the importance of aligning their digital environment with various security certificates or regulators. For most of them, this comes as a request from their clients, more than an obligation. In fact, understanding which certificates align with their industry is the first step towards a good posture and the right vision. Below we are listing the types of businesses and the certificates we recommend:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions: ISO27001 and PCI-DSS are essential for protecting financial transactions and customer data. Also, compliance with GDPR is critical for managing personal data, especially for transactions involving EU citizens.
  • E-commerce, Online Sales: PCI-DSS is a must for secure payment processing, while GDPR ensures the privacy of customer data. ISO27001 can improve overall data security practices.
  • IT and Cloud Services: SOC2 and ISO27001 are critical for demonstrating secure data management practices, essential for building trust with clients.
  • Tourism Sector, Travel Agencies, Hospitality: with the increase in volume that Albania experienced last year, the large amount of personal data processed, compliance with GDPR is essential. PCI-DSS ensures secure online booking transactions, and ISO27001 supports the overall data security.
  • Various public services, healthcare, education, etc.: protecting the data of citizens, patients, students, staff, etc., requires FULL compliance with GDPR and ISO27001 for protecting databases and online platforms.

Each of these certificates serves as a very good shield for your systems, data, and reputation. However, the path to achieving, or even maintaining these certificates, can be complex and lengthy. This is one of the services covered by Cyber Morfosis, documenting and implementing the necessary technical controls. Our expertise not only speeds up the path to achieving these critical standards but ensures your business remains secure against evolving digital threats.

We want to see our country in a better cybersecurity position!

Join us! Security is not optional!